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Huawei to take another bitter pill

Not only Australia seems to have lost trust in Huawei (read here), now even
Germany’s universities seem to seek for other network equipment deilverers.
The actual statement from the DFN (Deutsches Forschungs-Netz) has also
mentionned security issues besides formal contract issues.

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Groupon and balance problems!

It seems as if the famous portal that has gone stock, seems to have to deal
with problems concerning their balance figures. So it’s only logical that
Groupon now employs a professional finance&economy management team
to get things straight. Possibly to fend off any stock-related issues!

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GB to censor the web!

So it’s official! Five big providers have been forced by the High Court of Great
Britain to lock access to the famous Pireate bay site, a site containing links to
torrent files that allow establishing network links to a specific file among
various clients. An example for de-centralized file distribution.

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Don’t mess with the cops – NYPD

Another news just came in. When you have ruffle with the police, you’d better
not screw with the cops. In Harlem, a young man has been striked down with
not less than 84 bullets! The man has been put on file for potential murder of a
13 years old girl he is supposed to have shot. Domestical turbulences…

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CISPA now active!

The house of Representatives have now agreed to the CISPA with 248 against
168 votes. 15 haven’t been counted. CISPA (aka. Cyber Intelligence Sharing
and Protection Act) allows governmental institutions and businesses to share
private data from persons all over. So if you had ruffle with the CIA, your…

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There we go: SmartCover solely from Apple!

Seems as if Apple had it with all these Copycats who copy ideas off others. In
this case, the SmartCover for the iPad is affected, as Apple has successfully
filed the patent for it (registered: 17.09.2010). So for all those manufacturers
like Generic, the air is getting thinner. A new wave of lawsuits coming up?

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Google and Samsung with Cloud services

And here are the next two big players offering cloud services. Google and
Samsung are about to release their services soon. Google Drive and S-Cloud
are their products and shall be the new competitors when it comes to
online storage services. Google Cloud has been announced yesterday.

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New Samsung TV devices endangered?

It looks grim for Samsung’s most actual TV devices that also offer network
capabilities and streaming. It seems as if there’s a way to completely defeat
your TV set or blu-ray player simply by placing invalid chars into a control
data packet from Android and iDevices. The result: A non-working device!

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WoW – Mists of Pandaria (Beta)

So there we have the Beta invite and with it, the access to the upcoming
sequel to Cataclysm. So what’s ahead of us? The 4th Extension of WoW and
with it, a complete new experience and a brand new race to fight it’s way thru
Azeroth. What makes it worthwile to play? A short experience report.

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Diablo 3 Beta – here we go go go!

So there it is. The most-expected game of Blizzard for the last 18 months. And
the first impressions are somewhat awesome! So what did I expect from
Diablo III? At first: The simplicity and the cool Hack’n’Slay-style I used to
have in Diablo II (LoD). Second: Cool graphics. The result? Read more now!

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Why Windows 7 IS good!

Has Windows Vista been a disaster for Microsoft so is Windows 7 a complete
success. The OS has brought in more money into Microsoft’s cashier in the
third quarter of the fiscal year. So has the net profit been 5.1 billion US$ from
a total revenue of 17.1 billion US$. It prooves that Windows 7 must be good.

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And now it’s the Netherlands…

Almost every country in Europe has already been re-ranked concerning their
credit rating. Now the Netherlands are facing a withdrawal of their top-grade!
As Fitch has announced today, the Netherlands are about to be rated down
off their top grade if they’re not able to lower their debts soon.

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The brandnew iPhone hull!

Seems as if there’s still room for inventions when it comes to the iPhone. But
this gadget is sort of special: It can withstand a pistol bullet with no problem!
I still doubt that one would survive a collision with a Desert Eagle .50 pro-
jectile as the kinetic power that comes from the bullet is extreme!

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Windows 8 available in 4 versions

Windows 8 will come in 4 versions. Three versions for x86/x64 and one
version for ARM-based devices such as smartphones and tablets. Seems as
if there will be no Windows 8 Ultimate as Windows 7 Ultimate has the same
functionality as Windows 7 Enterprise. There will be a Windows 8 Enterpise.

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Apple MacOS resistent to virusses?

Think again! It seems that Flashback has infected 600’000 MacOS-based
systems and made them zombies of a botnet. A new java virus called
Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a or SX/Sabpab-A is partly based on the flashback code
and executes malware in the backround without the user’s notice.

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Sunday: Relaxing and no news so far

I am just lazy today. So nothing special will be posted. Sorry for the lack of
information if you have expected a post today. I’ll try to post some news
tomorrow again. Have fun and a good week’s start. If you’re in luck to have
vacation, then enjoy the free time.

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