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Jack Tramiel (+83) dead

The inventor of the legendary home computers VC 20 and C64 died on
Easter sunday at the age of 83. Jack Tramiel, born in Łódź (Poland) later
moved to Monte Sereno, California (USA) and launched the Commodore
C64 Home Computer system which should be the most sold computer ever.

Based upon a complex board design for that time, you got a good piece of hardware for the money spent. The hardware itself sounds ridiculous for today’s IT users: 1MHz, 64KB RAM and a resolution of 320×200 pixes using 16 colors doesn’t sound much however the fun was the most important thing that time. The datasette was slow but served well as a data storage. The later Floppy Drive 1541, capable of writing 160KB onto two sides of a 5¼ inch floppy gave the C64 it’s final breakthrough as a work device and a game console.

Even I can remember the times I spent at the breadbox (Brotkasten in german) and I was dazzled that time when I saw what it was able to perform. Even a later bought 80286 (1989 / 3000DM) was not nearly able to reproduce the versaitilty of the C64 which came out in 1982(!).

So whenever you have a fully functional C64 in your attic, then you’ll probably give it a try and beam yourself 30 years back in time when even the “crappiest” graphics and the non-compareable sound gave us so much fun then.

With about 12 to 30 million sold units and a very(!) big fan community, the C64 and it’s peripherals are legendary and never forgotten!

And by the way: For what the hardware is clocked at and how sparse memory it has, the results are just great. Think about it when you install a recent game using 10GB of your harddisk, 2GB of RAM at minimum, a powerful 3GHz dualcore processor and demands for a rather expensive and power-consuming graphics card.

Here are some ads and videos about the C64. Enjoy!

SID Music on the C64 (YES, the real C64, no Emulator!)

And finally a video that shows how the actual kids deal with the gadgets we had in our time:

Hope you enjoyed the travelback in time!

Rest in peace, Jack Tramiel!

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