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Western Digital with 7mm 2.5″ HDDs

It seems as if Western Digital wants to break antoher barrier. The new 7mm
drives come in 320GB and 500GB sizes and allow Ultrabook-Manufacturers
to offer more HDD capacity in their devices. Besides that, the drives are also
said to fit snuggly into 9mm bays. Another win for the HDD primus?

7mm is really flat and the drive packs at max 500GB onto one platter. So theoretically 4-platter drives that come at 12.5mm height and 4 platters might hold 2TB(!) of data.

That’s really impressive. And today, where huge media libraries are present on many users’ computers it may be only logic that WD fills the need of high capacity on small room. As SSD are ridiculously expensive and barely concepted as a simple data storage, these new drives could help WD to come back to new manufacturing power after the tsunami in 2011 that took down most of the HDD manufacturing within minutes.

Hopefully there are also price drops to expect on lower-capacity models (750GB and 1TB for example) as it would give the opportunity to equip a decent notebook or DTR with a real big HDD space.

Although the backup of such gigantic drives may become a more and more challenging issue, it’s still amazing that so many HDDs are sold and the need for storage space is still there. As SSDs at the same size may still cost almost ten times more than a compareable HDD, there’s no chance that users would use SSDs for storage purposes so far. SSDs are still used for performance purposes and in this part, they serve their service well.

Prices are expected to be around 80 US$ for the 500GB model and approx 65 US$ for the 320GB model. The introduction may be around mid to end of May.

It’s only a matter of time until we will see a WD MyPassport 2TB model ;)

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