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On this page I will post Countdowns for events I think are mentionable.

Why? Because the countdown is really cpu-consuming and forcing handsets to collapse when browsing my blog.

Also it gives a better overview. The only counter that will stay in my sidebar is my bday counter…




Oktoberfest 2014 – Prost und an guad’n!

On September 20th, 2014 just at high-noon, the mayor of Munich is again opening the world’s biggest fair. Then again millions of gallons of beer will be poured out to the masses, many, many bavarian meals will be eaten by people of all around the world.

Talking about beer: the prices may range from 9.70 € to 10.20 € (excluding tips) rather expensive but hey, it’s only once a year and if you don’t plan to drink yourself to complete blackout, then you might come out the cheap way (depending on the fact that the 5th mass will kill you anyways ;) )

Maybe I’ll be there also…

[ujicountdown id=”Oktoberfest” expire=”2014/09/20 00:00″ hide = “true” style=”modern”]

More Info – German: – English:




Diablo III –  Reaper of Souls – Most likely to hit stores in March 15th, 2014?

15.03.2014 – It’s time to face and fight Death himself!

If you hoped to see an expansion for Diablo III, then this is great news for you! Read this article to get more information about Blizzard’s newest Diablo III expansion

Countdown (Attention: This date is speculated and subject to change!):

[ujicountdown id=”Diablo 3″ expire=”2014/03/15 00:00″ hide = “true” style=”modern”]



Simcity 5 Cities of Tomorrow Release

14.11.2013 – It’s time to reach for the future!

A great expansion pack is coming up to enrich the Simcity 5 experience. Two mega corporations for you to choose from, the Academy or the Omega Corp. What is more important for you, Mother Nature and a clean environment or automation and money? The choice is yours! Or will you be able to manage the existence of both of them? Find it out! Master the challenge to build up to 8 Megatowers and build a city within your city.

USA and Japan – November 12th, 2013:
[ujicountdown id=”Gray Countdown 1″ expire=”2013/11/12 00:00″ hide = “true”]

EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastern, Asia) – November 14th, 2013:
[ujicountdown id=”Gray Countdown 1″ expire=”2013/11/14 00:00″ hide = “true”]

Rest of the world – November 15th, 2013:
[ujicountdown id=”Gray Countdown 1″ expire=”2013/11/15 00:00″ hide = “true”]

The expansion will cost 30 € and equivalent for EMEA, 30 $ for USA, Japan and rest of the world. Purchase is available online via Origin store, or boxed code. The installation has been managed already with Patch 8.0 and will be unlocked upon release date. Enjoy!

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