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Safe harbor: Consumer electronics?

It seems as if Sony also has problems with net profit loss. As the business
year is over now, Sony has announced that the net revenues have again
produced negative figures. Especially the TV sector is pruducing severe
losses. So Sony is taking action and laying off 11’000 people.

Although Sony TV’s are looking great and offer good functionality, they’re priced too high compared to the competitors. So are high-class TV’s from Samsung by far less expensive than equally-rated Sony devices. The losses are again not taken with careful price tagging. Once again, the workers have to take the bullet. It’s always the same thing with companies. Instead of carefully selecting the right price choices, they’re either laying off many workers or producing low-quality devices that break really fast.

Sony should be aware that negative publicity also has negative business as a result. Although the EMEA is consuming lots of products from Sony, it’s the Asian area that consumes the most by now. So is it wise to annoy exactly those who consume the most by laying off people of their own? Tjhere are several companies that went down because of bad reputation!

Okay, it’s doubtful that this action may scrub down Sony instantly. But their losses will go on furthermore. That’s for sure!

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