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WoW – Mists of Pandaria (Beta)

So there we have the Beta invite and with it, the access to the upcoming
sequel to Cataclysm. So what’s ahead of us? The 4th Extension of WoW and
with it, a complete new experience and a brand new race to fight it’s way thru
Azeroth. What makes it worthwile to play? A short experience report.

So what can you expect from MoP? Well, as it is already described on various homepages, there will be a changed talents and skill system, the level capping will be risen to Level 90, the items will get a boost up to ILvl 564 and you get a new race to play, the Pandarians. New pandarians start on an island that’s ontop of a giant turtle that strands at Azeroth. From this point on you have to select your fraction and will be no longer able to move in the enemy’s fraction’s territory without being killed.

But you may want to check out the various MoP-Preview and discussion websites to find out every detail on MoP

I want to focus on my experiences I have received when playing MoP Beta.

So here’s my impression about the Pandarians:

They play like a charm. I like the new “click for each attack”-style The beautiness of the new territory is just excellent and dreamy. It also covers the simplicity of the other WoW-Parts yet the ornaments are detailed and the world also reflects this. The graphics engine is not modified so far. modern 3D techniques except tesselation are used. Don’t get me wrong: WoW can be a real graphics monster consuming lots of GPU power but the graphics are then outstanding. However also users with older hardware will be able to enjox WoW with reduced details. So WoW covers a lot of gamers and their hardware. Over the years the client has grown very stable and you won’t see WoW crash often.

The sounds and music, well, there’s not much to say. See it, live it, enjoy it! The new scenery has an asian touch. graphics-like and sound-like! Great stuff.

The talent and skill tree might not be of all peoples’ gusto as it is very limited now. Each 15 levels you can choose a new talent bar that represents new skills and attributes assigned to it. The old version allows much more diversity. So the most possible downside may be that your Character may not be unique anymore (except of your name of course!)

But all in all, the basic structure of WoW is still kept and you’ll find yourself into MoP quickly.

Anyhow ther’s lots to come up in the next sequel of WoW and from what I have seen so far, I like it very much.

(Annotation: The article has been filed for April 22nd but released today (April 25th) as I didn’t have time to process the images yet. They’ll be added later on so stay tuned for some nice screenies!)

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