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The brandnew iPhone hull!

Seems as if there’s still room for inventions when it comes to the iPhone. But
this gadget is sort of special: It can withstand a pistol bullet with no problem!
I still doubt that one would survive a collision with a Desert Eagle .50 pro-
jectile as the kinetic power that comes from the bullet is extreme!

But if you’re fan of the extraordinary gadgets, then you’d have a look at this.

But be warned: This ain’t for soft hands or for those who count every gramm of a gadget on the scale:

– The back of the phone is fully bulletproof. If you’re shot at and the backside of the iPhone is directed to the shooter, then your gadget will survive the attack.

– Pictures are limited to an excerpt due to the bulky shield that also blocks the camera lens spreadview.
– 2000 gramms of weight aren’t much of a charming for the jacket pocket or the lady’s bag.
– Screen is unprotected. If you have the phone facesided to the attacker, the bullet may still crush the screen and (most likely) the interior of the phone!
– Signal strength may not be as much as godd as without the hull as the hull is massive steel and the upper part is eloxated aluminum.
– This hull simply has an ugly look! *YUCK*

A price tag of approx. 600 US$ may force you to do a big gulp when at the cash desk. But you get a .50 bullet as a souvenir! (I still wonder if the bullet is a working one which you can fire with a Desert Eagle if you own one! – Maybe for testing purposes?!)

My opinion: Things the world (hopefully) doesn’t need

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