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Windows 8 available in 4 versions

Windows 8 will come in 4 versions. Three versions for x86/x64 and one
version for ARM-based devices such as smartphones and tablets. Seems as
if there will be no Windows 8 Ultimate as Windows 7 Ultimate has the same
functionality as Windows 7 Enterprise. There will be a Windows 8 Enterpise.

The Differences are clearly marked:

Windows 8 RT (RunTime?)

This is the most reduced version of Windows and will lack of many features. However Installation of different language packs will still be possible (called MUI-Packages).

Windows 8 RT won’t be able to run Media Player and other x86/x64 optimized software. It will furthermore wun touch-surface-optimized software titles and Versions of Microsoft products specially designed for smartphones and tablets.

Windows 8

The economy version for X86/x64 systems and will be in the direct upgrade path to Windows 7 Home Edition. Missing features are Access via Remote Desktop and the computer can’t join a domain. Also, this type of Windows can’t be administered using Group Policies

Windows 8 Pro

This Version of Windows 8 will come with additional features. What exactly, has not yet been released by Microsoft.

Windows 8 Enterprise

This version will enable BitLocker and EFD HDD encryption as well as the opportunity to fire up the OS from a VHD. Furthermore, enterprise-like there will be also Remote-Assistance.

Interesting fact is, that the Media Center won’t be included in any versions of Windows 8, however an “Economical Media Package” will be available for Windows 8 Pro to add media Center features to this version of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Enterprise will be only available when you sign up for a Software Assurance Agreement with Microsoft. It’s most likely, that Win8 Enterprise will also use the CAL licensing scheme. The question will be what kind of Server will play the KML-Server to check the CALs. Either Win2K8 R2 Server will receive an update or there will be a new Server release (possibly Windows Server 2012?).

A Blog post from Microsoft is revealing more detailed information. So feel free to check out this post.
One addition: The chart is a bit controversal. An “X” in the chart means: “This Feature is NOT available”

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