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League A Darting – An experience…

Since beginning of March I am in a dart team together with one of my friends.
What I didn’t know is that we’re currently in League A class which means the
teams are playing like Pro’s. I noticed when I saw most of the other teams’
players score more then 60 points in average. So how’s darting then?

First: For those not used to loosing it may be frustrating. I consider myself a rather weak player as my average score is below 30. Yet I managed to score a game or two already which gives you sort of a boost.

So for those who ask what we play: It’s 501 Double out. Sounds easy but it isn’t especially when it comes to the end of the game where you have to shoot a dart into the double fields to finish the game.

If playing in the League A you’d better try aiming for the triple 20 several times. Otherwise you’re not having much of a chance.

By now it’s still fun and loosing is neglectable as the fun is in the foreground. I think I’ll continue playing until I can really compete with the pros.

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