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Facebook vs. Yahoo – Part 2

As if Yahoo doesn’t have enough trouble and problems right now, it seems
as if facebook is now “repaying” Yahoo for their attempt to sue facebook for
violating 10 patents, Yahoo clamis rights for (read here). Has Yahoo filed
lawsuit against facebook, so is facebook now filing a lawsuit against Yahoo.

In this case, Yahoo may probably get into deep trouble as specialists say that the patents for the lawsuit have been strategically selected. Facebook did not hold in just few days away from their stock market startup. However they’re going to sue Yahoo for their attempt to sue facebook for some patents.

Grim days for Yahoo as there’s already grey clouds over them (as they have laid off 2’000 people and there are more to follow. Out of a total staff size of 14’000 this is a real big amount of layoffs!

Whatever will happen in the next two weeks, the attempt of Yahoo might become very expensive. And the chances for facebook to win this round are ways higher as for Yahoo!

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