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Why Windows 7 IS good!

Has Windows Vista been a disaster for Microsoft so is Windows 7 a complete
success. The OS has brought in more money into Microsoft’s cashier in the
third quarter of the fiscal year. So has the net profit been 5.1 billion US$ from
a total revenue of 17.1 billion US$. It prooves that Windows 7 must be good.

People are very careful when it comes to OS selection and every new OS from Microsoft has been carefully tested. Has Windows Vista dealt with lots of criticism (especially for it’s performance decay over time), so does Windows 7 perform well even after several years. There’s no problem at all when you take care of your Windows 7 installation.

All the included features make it a reliable and performant system you can barely take down except for the fact that you really want to bring it down.

Of course it can’t compare with MacOS but one thing is for sure. The promise from Microsoft that Windows 7 will be a successful heir of Windows XP has been turned in successfully.

Let’s hope, Microsoft isn’t burying Windows 7 so quickly for Windows 8 (and it’s Tiles desktop called “Metro”). I may even go further and say that Windows 7 could have a similar lifespan as Windows XP had. WIndows 8 may be nice on tablets using touchscreen technology but desktop computers still have a non-neglectible share in the global computer market and most of them have been equipped with Windows 7. The next thing is, that many companies have just updated to Windows 7.

I really doubt that companies want to swith their OS again in just two years when Microsoft is probably releasing Windows 8. And even I won’t switch the OS as I can not see any benefit from the new Metro surface yet. I will test it, sure, but there are no plans yet to implement it on my actual computers as they just run excellent with the current Windows 7 Ultimate installation.

As I always say: Never touch a running system.

The proof for Microsoft’s positive revenue has been probably a result of Windows 7 and it’s Success story of being a very reliable and rocksolid OS!

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