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CISPA now active!

The house of Representatives have now agreed to the CISPA with 248 against
168 votes. 15 haven’t been counted. CISPA (aka. Cyber Intelligence Sharing
and Protection Act) allows governmental institutions and businesses to share
private data from persons all over. So if you had ruffle with the CIA, your…

future employer may know it also. And if you have ticked out at your ould employer, the CIA may have an eye on you in the furture. If you think, you have a privacy now, forget it! Whatever you do, the whole country will know it! Legally, that is! Even if you do something in the intertnet, everyone will know what you did, wrote or spoke. The DHS had also claimed for more rights to deal with the collected personal data in order to improve the aversion of potential dangers against the USA. However this has been denied and not being part of CISPA (yet!).

The truth hereby is that the DHS also sees danger in information sharing sites. Also software and entertainment data sharing sites are considered as Danger for the USA. I guess, they see everything as a potential danger if it has to deal with economic issues (see SOPA/PIPA/ACTA for this) as well as potential sites that deal with “bomb” instructions and chemicals to build these up. As filesharing sites have grown ways faster than the other category, it’s only logical to believe, that economic interests are the main goal for the DHS than such of terroristical nature.

At least the effort to bring down terrorists seems less worth reporting about as the closure of <insert your favourite file hoster / torrent site here>.

So is CISPA just another big step to make you the perma-traced man? Think about it… TWICE!

Georges orwell has been criticized not once for his very controversal views of the future but with each day, I think, his visions were not too much of a wild non-fundamental imagination!

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