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Google and Samsung with Cloud services

And here are the next two big players offering cloud services. Google and
Samsung are about to release their services soon. Google Drive and S-Cloud
are their products and shall be the new competitors when it comes to
online storage services. Google Cloud has been announced yesterday.

Google Cloud is about to attract people by offering 5 GB of storage for free, while 25, 100 and 1000 GB are price-tagged with 2.49, 4.99 and 49.99 US$ per month. So the best bargain may be 100GB and sufficient for a wide range of users.

Maybe Google Cloud is the next step to consolidate all current Google services under one hood. But the idea isn’t new and other competitors may already have some advantage by offering cloud services for some years now.

Also, Samsung is about to release it’s S-Cloud. maybe Samsung wants to enhance it’s portfolio to interact with their Net-TV and their other network-based devices and offer customers a way to share content worldwide. However there’s not much known about the service yet. So it’s much of a speculative option right now until Samsung makes a public announcement.

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