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GB to censor the web!

So it’s official! Five big providers have been forced by the High Court of Great
Britain to lock access to the famous Pireate bay site, a site containing links to
torrent files that allow establishing network links to a specific file among
various clients. An example for de-centralized file distribution.

The BPI has finally sucessfully pushed through their demand to have british ISPs lock access to potential copyright-violating sites, like Pirate Bay is. However this is also another step in the direction to censor the Internet at will of a few people (mostly lobbies of big companies). The protection characterism for average Jon Doe user?

From my point of view: None except that the music industry has another ticket to produce garbage and have it sold for tremendous prices.

Why is the music industry only trying to put down others and not trying to seek in their own rows for mistakes.

It’s often said what people don’t like about the current music industry: High prices, Remake XY of a certain song, doubtful distribution channels of certain music and finally the fact that the music industry doesn’t want to change anything to improve the legal online portals and be more efficient.

The question is: Will censorship like this bring the relieve, the music industry is hoping for? Technical possibilities such as VPN, TOR-Networks and all the other obfuscation technologies will definately make it harder and harder for the music industry to stop online piracy. The operators of such “piracy” networks get smarter each closure or shutdown of any website or “service” and they fight back.

From my point of view it’s a fight against windmills. The looser: the music industry as hatred against it increases more and more.

And for those who want to know, which providers in UK are affected from this DNS-ban: Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin Media are currently affected. However, there’s not much info about BT being the biggest ISP carrier of the UK and being affected of this DNS-ban! But most likely I think, they have already done so as they’re controlled by government and country and thus enforcing new laws and orders as soon as possible.

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