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Huawei to take another bitter pill

Not only Australia seems to have lost trust in Huawei (read here), now even
Germany’s universities seem to seek for other network equipment deilverers.
The actual statement from the DFN (Deutsches Forschungs-Netz) has also
mentionned security issues besides formal contract issues.

It seems as if China is loosing more and more trust worldwide even though their technological status is undoubtedly high. Maybe it’s the extremely schizophrenic behaviour and extreme regulation of the Internet inside China. The censorship of many blogging sites and public chat sites as well as social networks and microblogging à la Twitter has brought up attention on China in a negative manner. Censorship and controlled flow of (possibly) wrong information to the public mass is not the way and ideology of a world of free speech. And where the USA have been criticized for (and in parts have already dismantled censorship again) the USA is ways more liberal than China & most islamic countries.

However the USA isn’t as holy as they see theirselves. SOPA&PIPA are two mechanics that seem to bring up censorship in other ways and ways one does not want to imagine! However development in China is really not that what the future Internet shall consist of. And as Huawei has to obey chinese laws it’s doubtful if Huawei not also has to include backdoors for the chinese government to access security structures and probably also allow industrial spying.

maybe Huawei has to consider it’s strategy and clearly has to state how their products work. There should be also a certification authority to certify devices complying to strong security standards and not have ANY security holes in it. Otherwise, Huawei may loose more and more shares in the globel networking market.

But who knows for sure if Cisco isn’t also applying backdoors for their institutions, such as FBI, NSA and CIA…

In my opinion you can’t trust either one! Yet it seems that network security leaks appear to happen less when using Cisco&co. as network appliances.

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