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The Galaxy S3 – Unpacking on May, 3rd

Long-awaited and probably the most-feared iPhone-Killer, the Galaxy S3 will
be unpacked and officially presented to the public in Loondon. There are lots
of speculations about the design, equpment and general specifications about
Samsung’s new flagship. However the excitement is still there.

Samsung has nearly the same attractiveness as Apple and behaves almost as mystic as Apple. So is little known about the new smartphone Samsung is about to unveil this thursday.

However these facts may come close: The screen will most likely have a 1280×720 resolution and the screen will also range in a 4.5 inches diameter. So whatever will come to us, it will for sure outwit the current iPhone with it’s 3.7 inch screen.

Apple however will most likely present it’s upcoming iPhone 5 (or just called the new iPjone as they did with the iPad?) that will again change everything? The fight of the world’s most desired smartphone is open again and Samsung makes the first move.

As an owner of an iPhone 4S I am still interested how Samsung will score with the Galaxy S3 and what will be better. I am not going to discuss it all over again why iPhone and why not Android and what I like/dislike at each OS/manufacturer, yet there’s one thing to be said: Apple has a hard competitor and they have to act wise and bring out something that will make the people say “I must have it”. The stability and design alone are not the only argument, Apple can fork out. There must be other things also to change that may give iOS a better chance to withstand the pressure of Android.

Apple has to act now and the iPhone 5 should not be again another update of the existing hardware as they did with the iPhone 4 and 4S. Although the 4S is an improvement, the change of the inner values did not impact as much as when the iPhone 4 has landed and given the iPhone 3GS the passport to graveyard (although the 3GS with 8GB is still sold!)

On May, 3rd we will know more about what’s coming up.And maybe Apple will again fork out another lawsuit to forbid sales of Samsung’s new phone…

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