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Sharp shows 5″ FullHD display

When it comes to sharp displays,one thinks of Apple’s famous Retina display.
In fact, the Retina display has a pixel density of 326ppi. Sharp however has
now increased this already sensational pixel density and produced a 5 inch
display capable of FullHD resolution. That’s a whopping 443ppi.

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Powerlines can be nasty…

Especially when there was an accident where the powerline was torn down.
And if just THEN a car happens to cross that line… well… the car will THEN
learn an acrobatic act. But for me I am imressed how much power such a
powerline can have to even stop a fully-accelerated car. Watch for yourself.

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Wanna burn BDR-XL? Here we are…

About 4 years ago, Bluray discs came into the stores and finally eradicated
it’s archrival HD-DVD. Meantime, there are also Recordables that allow you
to burn 25 or 50(dual-layer) GB of data onto them. Quite a lot of space for
Photos, Movies or the like if you use this medium for backup purposes.

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Adobe releases free monospace font!

Not often that you’ll get professional fonts for free, but in this case, Adobe
seems to aim at coders, webdesigners and developers that use monospace
(=equal char widths) fonts to have a clear type area. the problem: many
monotype fonts have chars that look equal to each other (1/i O/0)!

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Upgraded to 802.11ac (=5G) WLAN…

Fast internet is available almost in every bigger city and with the growing popu-
larity of Fiber internet, the speeds grow higher and higher. While cable-bound
networks are ideal for stationary computers, one would not like to have a cable
tangling from his/her notebook. This is where WLAN kicks in.

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WoW: Mists of Pandaria – Holding the line…

Well… 12 hours after the launch, it seems as if the patience of many players
is still stressed to the maximum. A good friend of mine is still unable to log
on to most of the servers she has chars on. Annoying and frustrating.
Blizzard knew what would happen upon the Go-Live of the new addon.

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WoW: Mists of Pandaria – The trouble starts

So there we have the launch of the new addon. Exactly at midnight, Blizzard
activates the quest NPC who allows you to enter the new lands of Pan-
daria. However the euphorism is dampened soon when coming to the NPC
where an estimated 1000 players are also waiting to activate the quest.

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Not only humans have an urge for hygiene

Water taps are for humans only? Nah! There’s a little critter that develops
a distinctive taste for water and how to utilize it. Looks kinda funny when
an everyday item is not used from humans but from an animal.
With this, I wish you a nice sunday. Enjoy the weekend.

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The good ol’ Mario… gone berzerk!

What happens if our beloved Mario goes berzerk because he’s pissed of
rescuing Princess Peach all over and over again? Well… let’s say, he IS
the new Duke Nukem hero although he’s not armed with a big gun and
shooting his way to the goal.

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(micro)SDXC, XQD, CFast…

Memory cards exist in many flavors by now, We have SD, SDHC, microSD,
microSDHC, CF Type I/II, MemoryStick Pro, MemoryStick Micro etc.
The market has a wide spectrum of differend card formats and for almost
every device dealing with data. It’s time for one more thing (umm three)!

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Big, bigger, Macy’s New York

When it comes to time, history is one of the words one may think of. In
this case, we speak of Macy’s, New York at Herold’s Place. It is the world’s
biggest shopping mall and has ever been. 10 stories of goods presented on
198.500 m² (2.13 million sqft.) fits everyone’s needs.

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When tornado meets fire…

Nature always has spectacular moments. But when two phenomenons
meet, then it’s good when you’re equipped with a camera. In this case,
a bushfire has started in Australia and caused the air to twirl up forming
a tornado. The fire itself uses the funnel to climb up into the smoke clouds.

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PS3 goes 3rd gen

The Playstation 3 is now over 6 years old, yet it seems to be a very reliable
and profitable multimedia gaming station for Sony. And so it’s not very
surprising, that Sony has announced another “redesign” of the PS3. Slimmer,
lighter and a breezy new design anno 2012 is the motto.

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The iPhone 5: Already waiting for it?

hardly announced, the first people in New York are already waiting for
Apple’s new gadget. Although the phone will be available on Friday, there
are some people already camping at the Apple store just to be first in line
to get the new iPhone. How long are you willing to wait?

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When 1180kg steel & wheel learn to fly

The hunt for world records is always active. And Hot Wheels seems to see
the Guinness Book Of World Records as a good marketing instrument.
In this video, wou’ll witness the World record for a 4wheeled quad doing
a corkscrew spin using a specially slanted ramp.

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Fascinating wall artwork

It’s not often that you se fascinating things. But walls that do 3D shaping to
display objects and patterns are not seen everyday. In Korea at the
Hyundai Motor Group Pavillion a room having 3 sides equipped with
movable squares was shown at the EXPO 2012.

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