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The iPhone 5: Already waiting for it?

hardly announced, the first people in New York are already waiting for
Apple’s new gadget. Although the phone will be available on Friday, there
are some people already camping at the Apple store just to be first in line
to get the new iPhone. How long are you willing to wait?

For my opinion, I think, it’s crazy to wait more than 72 hours in front of the store to get hands on a real expensive gadget.

Okay, Apple has their fans, who make Apple the company it is but when the release of a gadget is defeating common sense,, then one starts thinking of what will happen if Apple announces a special technical gadget of which only 1000 (for example) are built. What will happen then? Will Apple-freaks start killing each other?

The question’s for you to answer but I am yet a bit scared how far people go, to get Apple’s new toys…

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