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PS3 goes 3rd gen

The Playstation 3 is now over 6 years old, yet it seems to be a very reliable
and profitable multimedia gaming station for Sony. And so it’s not very
surprising, that Sony has announced another “redesign” of the PS3. Slimmer,
lighter and a breezy new design anno 2012 is the motto.

Speaking of that, the new playstation looks nice. Yet I miss the elegant sensor keys of the first gen console.

Playstation 3 (3rd Generation – 2012)

Playstation 3 “slim” (2nd Generation – 2009)

Playstation 3 (1st Generation 2007)

The only difference between the different Playstation models are the used components and the add/removal of  different features.

Interesting to see that also the PS3 is now so small that it fits into a small shelf easily as the size has been reduced to 29x6x23cm.

Resulting of this, the console has a top-loading drive where you clip in the disc. May look nice when the lid opens like the B&O players but I still hould have preferred a slot-in drive!

The wattage is estimated to be averaging at 100W and spiking up to 190W.

Three models (of which one may not be available to the EMEA) are planned: 250GB, 500GB and 12GB Flash.

For the Flash model, a stand will be released to add 250GB of HDD space for a mere 80 US$

The new console is said to be shipped in October 2012.

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