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The Apple WWDC… and what you got

So the WWDC is over, the news are spread and this is what it brought to
you. At first, we have the iPhone 5 which is, as expected, an iPhone4-
similar device slightly higher, thinner, and with a new display size.
The other devices presented: the new iPod nano and iPod touch.

Also expected but yet not presented: AppleTV and the new iPad mini.

iPhone 5:

About the iPhone 5: We have LTE on board with 3 frequencies to operate worldwide. The new A6 Cortex processor gives the iPhone twice the speed compared to the iPhone 4S.

20% lighter, 118 grams, 7.6 millimetres thick and thus now the thinnest smartphone to date and with a larger retina display (1136×640 pixels@326ppi) it now enters the 4″-area where Samsung&Co are dominating. The reason why the display only changed in horizontal size to a 16:9 screen format: Because our human hand can reach out horizontally for a longer area but the thumb will have problems reaching more far vertical spots on the screen. And speaking of the screen: A new in-Cell-technology offering the touchscreen being integrated, the display thickness has been decreased while similarly improving the color quality.

Inside the iPhone 5, the A6 Cortex processor, which is being supported by 1GB RAM, gives the apps a 1,7 to 2.1% boost when being launced and operated with. Even console-graphics-like games are now possible as the GPU power has also been increased.

Speaking of these speedups, you don’t have to fear any flaws in the runtime: No, the iPhone 5 is supposed to add 1-2 hours more talk time and overall seen, the new iPhone 5 won’t be weaker in battery runtime compared to the iPhone 4S. I must admint here: Great job, Apple!

The phone body being completely made of one entire aluminum body now gives the iPhone a new look. Just the antenna parts are glass-covered, the rest is solid aluminum. Different, I must admit. And it gives a decent look!

The camera has been improved a bit: Still resoluting with 8MP it now offers a panoramic function to automatically stitch photos together with almost no viewable stitching edges. The front camera now allows FaceTime with 720p video, which shoul offer good quality.

Three microphones are said to offer an unmatched speech quality. The speakers also are said to have been overhauled and are suppoed to offer a much better listening experience though I doubt that th small squeakers will ever be able to reproduce remarkable audio fields, anyway.

And yes, the dock port has changed to a smaller version using 9 ports and simply called “Lightning”. While you had to check the insert direction of the Dock plug, Lightning fits in either side inserted due to it’s new 8-Pin symmetric design, yet able to offer more transferspeed than USB3.0. For those who fear that their “old” iDwevice-gear is now ready to be trashed: Hold on! Apple will provide a Dock2Lightning-Adapter, which is, frankly said, bulky. The aesthetic part… well… you shouldn’t think about that either. Not optimally done I would say but at least you’re provided with an adapter to use your old equipment on.

With the new iPhone, there goes a new SIM standard: The nano SIM. Smaller and thinner, you have to switch SIM cards when you want to use the new iPhone. Honestly: I guess, with each phone generation, you get new SIM cards. So what will the iPhone 6 provide? an RFC SIM? Because smaller won’t be possible (yet!).

And speaking of the user-available memory: The capacity will not change: You get 16,32 and 64GB. Period! a 128GB sized model is not available. Maybe there will be an iPhone 5S filling the gap.

Speaking of audio, Apple has brought out a new headset, the earbuds. A new form will adapt them more to the human ear. A better sound and better isolation against outside noises shall be guranteed this way.

When it comes to the software part, we will be faced with iOS 6, starting on September 19th and being available with all iPhone 3GS, 4(S) and iPod touch 3,4,5th Gen. FaceTime will be also usable when you’re on UMTS network. So software like Tango and Skype get more pressure from Apple’s own software. A VIP mode allows you to silence your phone and only allow important persons to still reach you, SMS notification upon unavailability for call is now also implemented (frankly said: Nokia phones had this feature already implemented years(!!!) ago). iOS6 has also a new difficult part to solve: While Apps being compatible with the new screen resolution, old Apps will show black borders. Yet, new Apps have to maintain the old resolution, too. The updated software and integrated management tools have received an overhaul to fit the new screen and also allow for better usability. Using two fingers to swipe down the control central and access often-used functions is also available now. Did they get some inspiration from BossMOD? Siri now covers much more things (but still only in the USA?) and you’re given a turn-based navigation software for free, also being moderated by Siri. But even here, the question is: Will it work in Europe, too?

iPod nano:

the new iPod nano also got an overhaul. Bigger touchscreen, 5mm thin and light. 16GB for your music and also the Lightning connector brings the iPod nano up to code. Video playback is back now and the OS is still proprietary. Stick to the essentials, that’s what Apple did here. With success. more than 40 hours of playback time speaks Gold for the player.

iPod Touch:

Also brought up to code, the new iPod touch is very thin (6mm) and light. 88 grams make the iPod touch an Easy2Carry-gadget if you will. the specs are identical to the iPhone 5 except the phone part. And the iPod touch comes in six colors to fit your taste.

Okay, that’s all for now concerning Apple’s new toys which will be released soon. in the main countries, the iPhone 5 will be released upon September, 21st. in Switzerland, for example, the iPhone 5 will be released on September, 28th. So the less important cities get the new toys one week later… no big loss anyway because the iPhone 4(s) was available more then one month later… so one week time difference is not bad!

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