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Apple, iPad mini and the (new) iPhone (5)

Today in about 7 hours, Apple will open doors to it’s Keynote event in
California, USA. The long awaited (new) iPhone (5) will be presented.
With it, also the iPad mini will celebrate its debute to fire against Kindle
and other small form factor tablet PCs. So what will the new iPhone be?

Okay, today is the day where Apple will either boost it’s stock market value or loose some dough… who knows for sure.?

Do we see the new iPhone design here already?

pictures courtesy of iLabFactory

Being very similar to the already known iPhone 4(S), the changes are minor: LTE, new processor, new dock connector and a slightly larger screen (1152×640) are the key things to mention. With the new iPhone, iOS6 will be released and bring new features but also cutbacks.

So will Google Maps finally be kicked off the App shelf and also YouTube is no longer been initially implemented but has to be separately downloaded from the Apple AppStore.

One of many questions is: How much new features will Siri get with the new iOS and will “she” be more communicative and helpful in Europe, too? The main disappointment is, that key features such as asking for restaurants in the near or mapping a route from A to B is currently only working in the USA. Asking Siri outside USA about such things end up with a clear message from “her”: “There is no geographical information available for your region”

The new miniDock-Connector has already brought up wild discussion for coercing owners to buy new, compatible gear for the new dock. So will old iPhone dock stands with integrated radio/audio capabilities only be compatible with iPhone 3/4 but not with the new one. As there’s also not much information available about adaptors from big Dock Conector to mini Dock Connector, this is still a discussion point and Apple will have to face many questions regarding it.

But now to the iPad mini:
Also higly being awaited, a smaller and cheaper version of the iPad with standard HD resolution and a “pocket size” of 7 inches shall also attract ePaper readers to use a product from Apple instead of a Kindle and it’s derivates. Will Apple succeed with this plan or will the iPad mini develop as a shopkeeper and then be sold for “an apple and an egg”?

Whatever comes today, it’ll be interesting. The other things (AppleTV and such) are still more “secret”

This video from iConcepts shows a possible, yet realistic rendered model of the new iPhone and mentions specifications. If any of these are coming true will be seen today. The video however offers interesting ideas and (probably) dreams, like the fingerprint reader in the Home button. Some other specs may be real such as the screen resolution.

Watch the iConcept video here:

However the development of Apple is a bit concerning…

Have first generation devices been held secret until the WWDC or Keynote events, Apple seems to have problems with factory spies now and details to new devices become available to the public before the device actually is being presented from Apple. And the secret behavior is in my eyes one of the factors that made Apple, how shall I put that right, “interesting”?

But let’s see what the Keynote will bring up today. Unfortunately, there will be no live stream… as always!

And I am not sure if I will live-ticker this event due to time-based issues.

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