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StudiVZ in possess of a capital investor

Holtzbrinck, the former owner of StudiVZ, once being a popular social
network in germany, has sold the whole StudiVZ network to the capital
investor Vert Capital. StudiVZ has been formerly known to be part of
Poolworks. Holtzbrinck Digital still reserves the rights on schuelerVZ.

With Facebook, the whole VZ network group has lost lots of members as Facebook has a wider range (worldwide). Earlier, Bebo has been sold for 850 million US$ to AOL Warner which has then quickly sold it again due to financial losses.

It seems as if Facebbok has also killed this early social network, too. But the reason is clear. The VZ networks have limited to Germany only and then started to loose members when Facebook has hit Europe and took it over by storm.

The new investor plans a reorganization of the whole VZ networks. One of these have already been fulfilled and one third (25) of 70 employees had to go!

When you sleep, you’ll be caught and be swallowed. The cycle of life in the economy: Bite and be bitten!

Good luck studiVZ, you’ll definitely need it!

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