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Tom&Jerry censored by Putin

Nothing much to laugh for kids in the russian Federation. All in the name
of saving their children from “bad influence”. What sounds sort of crazy
has become true just recently in Russia. Besides Tom and Jerry, there are
already The Simpsons off the Air and Winnie The Poo Bear.

While I can sort of understand that The Simpsons may contain unsuitable material for young viewers, I can’t understand why Tom & Jerry is considered bad influence and when reading that Winnie the Poo Bear from Walt Disney has been also considered “bad influence”, I can only shake my head.

Sure, there aARE sublime messages in the T&J cartoons and they have some violence in it, but if parents haven’t any power to teach their kids that this all is fiction and not done in reality, shows that they are on the same road as the USA.

The only point will be: It it’s illegal, then people will try to get illegal access to it. unless Russia does invest the same amount and time as China building up a country that’s internetlike isolated from the rest of the world and controlling all media that’s reaching it, I foresee that Tom&Jerry won’t die in Russa though.

And reading such articles makes me only say: “Thank god, I am in a country where censorship is not (yet) an option!”

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