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The IFA berlin, 4K and no material

The International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin is open
and showing the latest inventions of various technical gadgets from many
companies. Once being held for Television, Video and radio, the IFA also
deals with IT products and Multimedia apart from common radio/video.

One of the main topics is, how will the TV sets evolve from FullHD now?

Many companies already have 4K TV sets in their portfolio (meaning that the resolution is 3840×2160 and thus four times higher than FullHD – so-called Quadruple-FullHD or 4K)

The problem however is that only HDMI 1.5 will be fully capable of transferring 4K 50p signals, yet it isn’t confirmed. HDMI 1.4a only supports QuadrupleHD at 24p.

That’s why a 4K2k tv set is practicly still oversized and not really an option when acquiring a ned TV set. Despite that, the 4k2k tv sets still cost a lot of money while good 60″ tv sets with “only” FullHD are available for a moderate 3000 US$ and offering also 3D.

And the tv stations haven’t yet fully enrolled fullHD as the tv network seems not yet ready for transferring high-resolution signal. The digital networks will have to cope with a massive data load and honestly: Most countries don’t have real fast fiberoptical FTTH network providers so they can cope with the masses of data flowing thru them.

Interesting to see, however, what’s coming on to us. and seeing enriched 4K video material on a 4K screen simply makes you say “WOW!”

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