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(micro)SDXC, XQD, CFast…

Memory cards exist in many flavors by now, We have SD, SDHC, microSD,
microSDHC, CF Type I/II, MemoryStick Pro, MemoryStick Micro etc.
The market has a wide spectrum of differend card formats and for almost
every device dealing with data. It’s time for one more thing (umm three)!

While the actual memory cards have to deal with the same problem (maximum top transfer speed), the thre new players, which are all faster than it’s ancestors, reach new top speeds.

One of them, CFast, is supposed to reach top speeds of up to 600 MB/s to transfer the data from and to the card.

However there’s not much Hardware that can handle CFast cards. So is the Nikon D4 the only camera which can actually handle them.

The first CFast cards actually reach speeds of up to 190MB/s which is quite fast compared to the fastest CF card that can handle approx 120 MB/s (CF Ultra Speed 1000x)

Until more devices will support them the actual cards will be expensive though. A 64GB card is rated at 500 US$ at this very moment while a SDXC card with the same capacity “only” costs 100 US$.

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