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Big, bigger, Macy’s New York

When it comes to time, history is one of the words one may think of. In
this case, we speak of Macy’s, New York at Herold’s Place. It is the world’s
biggest shopping mall and has ever been. 10 stories of goods presented on
198.500 m² (2.13 million sqft.) fits everyone’s needs.

So what makes Macy’s so special?

Maybe the fact, that Macy’s holds the Thanksgiving parade every yeat (or is sponsor?) which is whitnessed by 250.000 people every year and even broadcasted on TV?

Or the extremeley large historical building that is surrounded by skyscrapers now and almost vanishing between them but has been outstanding in the past?

Let me show you some pics:

Macy’s 1906 – a pretty outstanding building!

Macy’s 1907 – A contemporary photography (click to enlarge)

Macy’s 2005 – What a change of the scenery (click to enlarge)

Macy’s 2012 – No big change… but soon!

So you think, they can’t top it any further? Think again! Macy’s plans to expand their main shop by another 10.000 m² (approx 107.500 sqft). The funny thing: They plan to reserve this new space for no less than 280.000 (two-hundred-eighty-thounsand!!!) pairs of shoes. During 3 years the renovation will be ongoing.

I personally think, how many people are shopping there that Macy’s is holding a warehouse valued $700 million (quite a lot when you compare it to the total revenues of $28 billion per year!).

The next larger department store is situated in Berlin, called KDW (Kaufhaus des Westens) which has a gross area of 60.000m²

The question is, what will the future be and where’s the next single-label department store opening it’s doors being larger than Macy’s?

(all pictures are courtesy of their respective owners!)

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