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WoW: Mists of Pandaria – The trouble starts

So there we have the launch of the new addon. Exactly at midnight, Blizzard
activates the quest NPC who allows you to enter the new lands of Pan-
daria. However the euphorism is dampened soon when coming to the NPC
where an estimated 1000 players are also waiting to activate the quest.

The main problem could be the many chars standing in and over the quest NPC and the dramaticall decreasing graphics performance due to so many chars that have to be animated.

Update 25.09.2012 – 00:01:

The framerate plummets to a mere 30fps even with relatively modern hardware. The feared bubble of players has already built up in front of the NPC giving the starting quest for Pandaria. Fortunately I was still able to select the NPC. YAY! I thought… but the disenchantment came quickly. The start area was flooded of players, the framerate still beyond easy gaming and the camping of the NPC where you get your follow-up-quests made me angry. The people are so extremely selfish and not caring if anybody else would also participate in gaming. So it’s not amazing that the first flame wars in the chat started to happen.

Okay, so my thought was to switch back to my twink and level up my skills any further… i thought. But the loading svreen instantly let me dig a grave for that thought. No gaming beyound the loading screen. Kill task, fire up WoW again and… yes… log back in to my main char which surprisingly worked…

back to some mob bashing, mats collecting and skill training. So my tailoring skill has gained 22 points towards the next capping. and I equipped some nice new blue gear with 415 item level.

Besides that, nothing else was possible so I took time to explore the world a bit which has been surprisingly created with lots of details. Looks so enchanting if it wasn’t for the enemies strolling around and interrupting you here and there.

Update 25.09.2012 – 03:05:

Time to go to bed. I wasn’t able to progress much questwise. However I was able to upgrade my skill in tailoring. Interesting new stuff will come up, that’s for sure. And passing by some Ore nodes made me wanna harvest them but well, yeah, char switching impossible, so I’ll move that to the “Later” bin.

I’ll put up some screenshots tomorrow (today) so keep on looking into my blog to see what’s awaiting you with MoP.

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