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WoW: Mists of Pandaria – Holding the line…

Well… 12 hours after the launch, it seems as if the patience of many players
is still stressed to the maximum. A good friend of mine is still unable to log
on to most of the servers she has chars on. Annoying and frustrating.
Blizzard knew what would happen upon the Go-Live of the new addon.

Yet they didn’t take any precaution to avoid such annoyances as I had to face tonigt and my good friend is still facing. So the question is: When will MoP be playable in a regular manner without the risk of running behind too long? When I look into some guilds’ lists, there are already several chars who have reached L88 (I guess, there’s already a L90 char!). Not to forget to mention that just 2 hours after playing MoP, I got messages that chars have already reached their max cap in their skill!

it is doubtful, that the instances and raids will be done that fast yet I fear that MoP will be done in no time! So Blizzard will be faced to either increease the difficulty of the raid bosses or nerf classes where those are in disadvantage who aren’t yet ready to enter the raids.

Whatever will come, Blizzard has atm failed to cope with the masses of players that are currently playing MoP. Introducing Cross-Realm.Zones into MoP will not ease the situation but worsen the situation so that many frustrated players will finally say “Good bye!”

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