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WhatsApp and security

WhatsApp had to deal again with security problems. While the older
versions didn’t encrypt the message traffic at all, the newer versions used
an AES algorythm to encrypt the messages when sent. Yet the security
was weak as the key is based on the device’s IMEI and thus can be hacked.

This being found out, WhatsApp has been recently updated to a new version which uses a more complex variant of encryption that seems stable for now. The questionis only: How long will the protection last until someone is able to find out which encryption is used.

WhatsApp is still #1 when it comes to mobile messaging. A similar service is offered from Naver (called LINE) and Facebook now allows instant messaging with group buildup too.

The market is on fire and security issues don’t serve well in this phase. So WhatsApp should take care not to scare way people with discovered security holes.

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