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Adobe releases free monospace font!

Not often that you’ll get professional fonts for free, but in this case, Adobe
seems to aim at coders, webdesigners and developers that use monospace
(=equal char widths) fonts to have a clear type area. the problem: many
monotype fonts have chars that look equal to each other (1/i O/0)!

To avoid such similarities, Adobe has released a monotype font for free that exactly aims at these special char combinations and differs them by serifs so that you don’t have to doublecheck the chars. The font looks like Consolas, Courier, SAP Monospace.

This is how a code window may look like now:

here is an example how troubling char combinations now look like:

So whenever you had troubles like the one mentionned, you’ll welcome this font set. It comes in different fontweights so you decide about the appearance of your favourite application’s source code window (if it allows you to do likewise… that is!)

Here’s the link to download the font set that comes both as ttf and otf font formats. This should cover most operating systems.

Download “Source Code Pro” from sourceforge

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