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Sharp shows 5″ FullHD display

When it comes to sharp displays,one thinks of Apple’s famous Retina display.
In fact, the Retina display has a pixel density of 326ppi. Sharp however has
now increased this already sensational pixel density and produced a 5 inch
display capable of FullHD resolution. That’s a whopping 443ppi.

The fact however that one barely ses the pixels of the Retina display makes this display a real eyecandy. For once you may think, that you’re looking at a real image instead of an electronic display. It is said that the human eye anyways is “only” capable to recognize pixels up to 300ppi in comon (There ARE exceptions, I know!) so this display may produce an image quality never seen before.

Yet, Sharp did not say anything about power consumption (especially when this display is used in mobile devices, preferably smartphones), price and which manufacturer has already intentions to use this display.

The main advantage however might be that this display allows the playback of FullHD videos in their native resulution. So the CPU has less to do when doing so. However the GPU should be capable to render HD videos with a fair power consumption level.

Maybe Apple will use these in their iPhone 6 when it grows to the size of a Samsung Note… nobody knows for sure. But I guess, there will be other smartphone manufacturers who will start using these displays in their smartphones, maybe a new Google Nexus or a HTC smartphone?

Whatever will come up, it’ll be interesting seeing these displays in the future in one of our everyday electronical gadgets which accompany each of us today…

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