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Goodbye 2011!

So that’s all for 2011 now. I will celebrate New years Eve with my family! So the
updates on this blog are probably a bit delayed! To all my loyal and truthful
readers I wish a happy new year, some happy hours spending the time at your
local clubs and/or celebrating with your beloved ones!

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Cell network carriers not liable for wiretap

The Ninth Circuit Court for Appeals in the USA has put down a lawsuit of many private
persons who have filed for a lawsuit against Cell network carriers who allow the NSA to
tap the line of customers without prior notice and without a definite suspected case.
It seems, the NSA still holds tight to their right to spy on innocent people!

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Another glitch detected in eased WLAN setup!

It seems the popular WPS technology has another set-back to deal with! While
the setup of WPA-based encryption is safe in most scenarios, the handling with the
long security keys can be a real hassle. That’s why the WiFi consortium brought out
WPS which lets one set up WiFi-Connections by simply pairing a device with a code.

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Intel to produce in 22nm in Q2 2012

It seems as if the next-gen CPUs of Intel will be lithographed in 22nm structure size. Also
a new technology, called tri-gate transistors will be introduced. Instead of flat transistors
new three-dimensional gates will be used instead. With this technology, smaller structures
annd more transistor switches per mm² Die area are possible.

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The iPad 3 – Coming to us in February 24th?

So… Apple again. Rumors say that the new iPad 3 will be presented on February 24th, as
it is the birthday of Steve Jobs who passed away this year on October 5th. What’s most
interesting, is that there are also plans for a small form-factor iPad with a 7inch screen.
It’s probably only a rumor but hey, other companies have all sizes in their portfolio!

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Last christmas holiday, last days of 2011

So this was it for this year’s christmas. Another 366 days for the kids to count down until
christmas 2012. You know, they foretell that on December 20th, 2012 the world will go
down as the mayan calendar has said. Do you believe in such ancient forecasts or do you
think they’re just bad tales such as other world’s end scenarios in the past?

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Present time!

So… did you all get your awaited presents? I bet most of you did and most of you opened
them yesterday evening unlike the usual tradition. But hey, that’s the impatience of today’s
kids! I wonder what happens if you tell your kids to wait until December 25th to open their
presents. How do you handle christmas present time? Do your kids open them today?

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December 25, 2011Netspark No Comments »

Merry Christmas to you all!

I hope you all enjoy christmas with your beloved ones and are not staying at home alone!
I wish you some pleasant, quiet, relaxing and soothening days for your convenience. And
remember to all the people you know. Let them known that you think about them and if it
is only a shortmessage from your cell phone!

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Christmas is right ahead!

And with it I am signing off for a quiet 4 days with my beloved ones! So whenever you
comment on something or your registration needs to be unlocked, you have to wait till
December 27th.
Until then enjoy the quiet time. You will read prepared posts in the upcoming days!

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2 days till Christmas – are you packed yet?

Do you feel the christmas spirit yet? No? Well here in Berne, snowfall keeps on and
making the landscape white. Just as one would wish for christmas. But on the other
hand it worries to see that the temperatures increase again and letting the snow melt
before christmas will arrive. This year’s winter is a bit odd in my opinion.

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WordPress and FancyBox 3.x

It seems as if also my blog cannot be spared form plugin issues.In this case it was the newest
release of FancyBox for WordPress which is, in my opinion, a cool plugin to pep up the blog
especially when using lots of images in a post or page. So what did I do to get the newest
version to work properly. The author posted a tweet asking everyone to default the settings,

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THIS is the new iPad!!!

So for all of you winter-loving people, here comes the new ultimate iPad!
Although it is not the way, most people have expected the new iPad that is sort
of overdue, the concept and design are by far superior to the classic models that
are currently out. Imagine what crazy stuff you can do with that thingy!

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Snow, trams and herd behavior…

So it is winter… finally! Every year the people are hoping for snow for christmas here in Bern.
This year it’s a bit late as the last two days were the only days where we got 10cm of snow!
Although show is a synonym for delayed traffic, cars, busses, trams, no matter what, people
should usually know how to prepare for it and try to reduce delay times as good as possible.

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Zynga looses stock market value by 6%!

As I have written just this saturday, today the stock papers of Zynga had to proove theirselves
on the market today. And the start wasn’t that good! Actually, Zynga is at 9 dollar per share.
Their deepest dip was at 8.8 dollar per share and thus 6% less than the opening value!
Okay, the NASDAQ didn’t have a good start either but it seems there’s some doubt around!

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AMD about to release 7xxx Radeon series!

As of today, it seems, as if AMD is trying to bring you the new graphics chips earlier then
planned. So are the 77xx series for entry-High-Level gaming. Their chip called ” Cape Verde”,
the 78xx series “Pitcairn” adress High-performance gamers and the flagship, 79xx series
“Tahiti” are dedicated to the enthusiast users. AMD plans to bring them cards out for x-mas!

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Zynga, the stock market and the rates…

Well, today Zynga had to profile itself with the stock market enter they have fulfilled these days.
At a rate of 10 dollars per share, they issued 100 million shares which brought 1 billion dollars
into the pockets of Zynga, creator of Farmville & Co. Such games you play usually on Facebook.
So how will the stock perform? On monday we will see if the stock is still up to code!

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