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Fascinating architecture!

An architecture office in Rotterdam has released information
about a new skyscraper prtoject in Asia. The Building looks like
a smaller version of the Twin Towers from New York. The small
but irritating detail (from the view of the USA) is the “platform”.It interconnects the two towers. It looks like the explosion cloud of the plane crash.However the architects did never intend to rebuild the horrible scenario that shook the USA in 2001. Although there’s already an objection from the USA regarding to the building’s design, the architecture office already has scheduled the Build of this skyscraper as it should be ready for move-in in 2015.

As I must admit: The architectural design is really stunning and looks great. And the imagination of having a garden in a height of about 160m makes you dream… of a cloud! I guess that’s why the architecture office called the project “The Cloud”. Read more here.

The towers are 260m and 300m in height, which makes them offer lots of living space. The interior looks also very spacious and luxurious.

But have a look at the pictures (click to enlarge them) yourself and imagine the possibilities!

I could imagine living there!

All pictures are courtesy and copyright of MVRDV

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