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Zynga, the stock market and the rates…

Well, today Zynga had to profile itself with the stock market enter they have fulfilled these days.
At a rate of 10 dollars per share, they issued 100 million shares which brought 1 billion dollars
into the pockets of Zynga, creator of Farmville & Co. Such games you play usually on Facebook.
So how will the stock perform? On monday we will see if the stock is still up to code!

The problem with Zynga is that they undergo same basic rules as Groupon, facebook&co. Another star in the .com-bubble V2.0! The question is, how long it will take until this dream will also burst. 2001 was a very spectacular event when the first .com-bubble has burst and put many companies who were noted on stock, to an abrupt end. Investors were too scared at once when they’ve seen what they have invested in and withdrew their investions as quick as possible before the shares have hit ground rock bottom!

Well… 10 years later it seems as if this game may repeat. A lot of IT tech companies, of which many are dealing with web services are noted on stock. As the web is quick-living, so are the people, using it. Things like Farmville may soon become very boring. And Facebook is no longer the only friends community online. More and more people are no longer willing to invest money into “premium” services and virtual goods. They want something material in return.

I guess that’s why Zynga is about to fail sooner or later.

Groupon has a similar problem but they deal with real goods so far… but for how long… and will they success? We’ll see…

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