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AMD about to release 7xxx Radeon series!

As of today, it seems, as if AMD is trying to bring you the new graphics chips earlier then
planned. So are the 77xx series for entry-High-Level gaming. Their chip called ” Cape Verde”,
the 78xx series “Pitcairn” adress High-performance gamers and the flagship, 79xx series
“Tahiti” are dedicated to the enthusiast users. AMD plans to bring them cards out for x-mas!

So for all of you who have some bucks to spend on, a limited stock of the new chips may become available at Dec, 22nd and the mainstream will arrive at the previously scheduled time: Namely Jan, 21st, 2012!

The chips itself are manufactured in 28nm structure. So the TDP may still sink a little bit although up to 3.4 billion transistors are doing their work and boosting the power by 40% compared to it’s 6xxx series cards…

The next year may become hot. NVidia still has NDA on the 6xx GeForce series but they seem promising also!

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