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A real expensive car trashing in Japan

Yikes! When you think of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche & Co., you also think of  $$$!
And lots of them! On December 4th, 13 cars were part of an accident due to massively
speeding! Instead of driving with 80 km/h, the drivers decided to raise their speed to
estimated 150 km/h. And even the wet and slippery street did not stop them to do so!

The result: 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes, 1 Lamborghini and a Toyota Skyline are now nothing more than scrap metal! Within a blink of an eye, 3.5 million $ have been totaled. The motorway in the Yamaguchi prefecture (southwest of Japan) looked like a colossal wrecking scene.

Poor luck for another driver of an innocent Toyota Prius. He got also inflicted in the accident of the other drivers who wanted tho show each other their cars, the power and their “driving skills”

My comment on this: If you’re not sure about the road’s driving situation (slippery when wet or even ice) then you shouldn’t pedal to the metal. That won’t be good for your purse anyways.

Till now, it is not yet known if the crash drivers also have to face juristic consequences for speeding, crashing and reckless driving with potential endangering of others’ lives!

The following pictures and video are nothing good for car lovers!

The video from CNN:

The Video from RT News:

And the wrecking pictures:

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