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THIS is the new iPad!!!

So for all of you winter-loving people, here comes the new ultimate iPad!
Although it is not the way, most people have expected the new iPad that is sort
of overdue, the concept and design are by far superior to the classic models that
are currently out. Imagine what crazy stuff you can do with that thingy!

If you have expected a product shot of the iPad or expected news for the iPad 3 and the like, I have to disappoint you a bit. No, it is the classic iPad2 with a haulover, a snowboard to be exact. A designerteam from Colorado has put effort into some design study and they built a very cool snowboard with a built-in iPad2. Just as a tribute to Steve Jobs.

The video is cool to look at. And if you think, the snowboard is on an exhibit item, then you’re all wrong. The guys tested the specially manufactured snowboard right on the white to see if it can withstand the extreme shocks and rough environment on the hills. Be surprised ;)

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