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2 days till Christmas – are you packed yet?

Do you feel the christmas spirit yet? No? Well here in Berne, snowfall keeps on and
making the landscape white. Just as one would wish for christmas. But on the other
hand it worries to see that the temperatures increase again and letting the snow melt
before christmas will arrive. This year’s winter is a bit odd in my opinion.

But despite the fact that snow is falling, masses and masses of people are rushing into the stores and grabbing the last christmas presents for their beloved ones.

If I am you ask? I sure have already made my shopping online as I really hate being squished in the masses of people in stores. Online-Shopping at the right time makes christmas present purchases much more easy than expected these days. But don’t await wonders from the online store if you intend to order after December 15th, because that’s where EVERYONE recalls for christmas shopping.

So if you’re not packed yet, you’d better fly out and grap on to the presents you want to give away to your beloved ones!

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