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Long time, no beep!

Sorry for our long-term silence since Covid kept us busy
all-time. But for our return let’s focus on today’s Apple
Event 2021 live streamed from Californa. What will be shown
today? iPhone 13? AirPods 3? Apple Watch 7? New iPads?

We’re not quite sure what will be shown today but it’s quite interesting as just today there was a quickly trown-in update to iOS 14.8 just before the release of iOS 15 which is supposed to come just a week later after the event. Most likely, the new devices will ship with iOS 14.8 and it’s newest security fixes which also include the problem with Pegasus spy software used to infiltrate journalists’ devices and threaten their freedom of speech.

Also WatchOS has been updated to 7.6.2 and MacOS BigSur has also been updated to 11.6. Like always, Apple keeps their announcement of fixes rather slim and you have to google to find out what has been effectively fixed. These uipdates aren’t small either. iOS 14.8 has 321.8 MB size, while MacOS has a tremendous 2.5GB update size which is not regular for a simple security fix. Maybe there were some preparations for the upcoming MacOS Monterey.

As expected, the Apple Store site is already down for preparation:

What you can’t see in the screenshot above is the animation of the Apple logo which looks nifty as we must admit:

Anyway there will be a live blogging event again about the event. So stay tuned.

The event will take place at 10am PDT which is 7pm in Europe.

On 18:45 MEST the live blog will be visible here:

Live-Blog about the Apple Event 2021 live from California


That was all for today. Interestingly no word about iCloud+ and Privacy!


4 memory storage tiers! 128,256,512 and 1024GB (1TB)!


Battery runtimes for the Pro line: +1.5 hours for the 13 Pro and +2.5 hours for the 13 Pro Max!


ProRes also supports 4K30p recording


A 3 time optical zoom allows for even closer Shoot without digital zoom!


Videowise we have Dolby vision HDR in 4K60p


The Telephoto has a f2.8 aperture, the Ultrawide camera system has f1.8 aperture, while the Wide camera system comes with an f1.5 aperture.


All three camera units feature Night mode! Nice!


The camera system is impressive.


ProMotion log overdue! There you have it! 1000 nits – insanely bright!


Also powered by the A15 Bionic processor however a 5Core-GPU is now powering graphics.


Sierra Blue as new color and a smaller notch!


Now on to the iPhone 13 Pro series!


Finally: 128, 256 and 512GB storage tiers!


Nice! The MagSafe Wallet supports FindMy!


Battery lifetimes: 13 mini +1.5h and 13: +2.5h compared to their 12 models


5G support increasing. 200 carriers in 60 countries!


Cinematic mode looks impressive. No wonder why a powerhouse like the A15 is needed.


So the main camera camera has 12MP and 120° angle view for Ultrawide pictures and is said to capture 50% more light. Also this has to be proven first. The competition is strong here!


50% faster than the competition? We’ll have to see live tests against them first to believe that!


almost 15 billion transistors on that SoC… incredible!


A15 Bionic has it’s debute!


1200 Nits max brightness and OLED display!


800 nits is an impressive brightness!


Smaller notch! The iPhone 13 starts off nice and comes in 5 colors!


On to the iPhone!


Group Workouts using SharePlay becomes available and later this fall!


Interesting: Workouts now even are season-related!


Nice! Apple Fitness+ will expand to 15 new countries later this fall!


IPX6 certification. Finally! So it’s even resistant to dust now!


Nice! A full keyboard on the watch!


Despite some speculations that Apple Watch Series 7 might get a similar design as the iPhone 12/13, it still has the curvy style however there have been improvements with the display unit!


On to the Apple Watch!


Definitely a new battle between Android&Apple in the 7-9 inch segment!


Even the ApplePencil 2 can be used with iPad Mini! Wow! So the feats of an iPad Pro packed into the all-new iPad mini!


Back Camera 12MP and Aperture of f1.8, and also 12MP camera on the front with Center Stage and 122° angle view! That’s stunning!


Even 5G finds it’s way into this little fracker!


 8-O USB-C on iPad Mini… interesting!


40% more CPU power and 80% more GPU power, also remarkable numbers!


While the same size of the case, the screen increases by 1.3 inch! Amazing!


But here we have it! The iPad mini inherits the design of it’s big brothers, the iPad Pro


On to the iPad mini


Unlike some speculations that the new iPad could adapt the iPad Pro’s bezel design, the iPad stays the same design to allow older accessories still to be used with!


12MP front camera is quite a number and bundled with 1 22° angle view AND Center Stage (a feature reserved for the iPad Pro recently!)


Quite some numbers. iPad together with A13 gehts 3 times faster as the top-selling Chromebook and 6 times faster(!) than the top-selling Android tablet!


Over 1 million Apps specially designed for the large canvas of the iPad! Wow!


Now on to the iPad…


This autum will be hot! A lot of new shows to be added to the Apple TV+ portfolio


Some INfo about Apple TV+, a service launched last autumn


Tim Cook opens the Event explaining what the intro video stands for: Namely the Lifestyle and how Apple feels what California is.


What will we see today? Most people expect, of course the highly-anticipated iPhone 13 lineup. Alongside with it the new Apple Watch 7 which is said to receive a design change since it’s initial launch in 2015. Some also speculate that a new iPad series will hit the scene today, but not much is known about any new plans of the iPad series at all. And maybe the legendary AirPod will finally receive a makeover and become version 3. In two minutes the show will start.


5 minutes to go! Are you as excited as we are?

If you missed the Event and cannot stream it from Apple directly, you can watch it here as well in FullHD. PLease watch it in Fulscreen mode to enjoy the FullHD. (thanks to applefan69 for making the video available to us!):

Okay, now on to Pricing…

The iPhone 13 Pro lineup:

  iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 13 Pro Max
128GB 999US$ / 1149 € / 1129 CHF 1099US$ / 1249 € / 1229 CHF
256GB 1099US$ / 1269 € / 1249 CHF 1199US$ / 1369 € / 1349 CHF
512GB 1299US$ / 1499 € / 1493 CHF 1399US$ / 1599 € / 1593 CHF
1 TB 1499US$ / 1729 € / 1737 CHF 1599US$ / 1829 € / 1837 CHF
4 colors: Sierra Blue (New), Gold, Silver and Graphite

The iPhone 13 lineup:

  iPhone 13 Mini iPhone 13
128GB 799US$ / 799 € / 779 CHF 899US$ / 899 € / 879 CHF
256GB 899US$ / 919 € / 899CHF 999US$ / 819 € / 999 CHF
512GB 1099US$ / 1149 € / 1143 CHF 1199US$ / 1249 € / 1243 CHF
5 colors: Rosé, Blue, Mdnight, Starlight and Product (RED)


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