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Corona, this blog’s future etc…

The time, the time… – well COVID keeps us busy even a year later
this also means that I hardly find any time to concentrate on this
blog and maintain my transition at my job. All this is really time-
consuming and thus I cut back on less important things right now.

So what does that mean for this blog?

You don’t have to worry about it as I keep this blog alive even though there aren’t many updates at the time being. Keep in mind that this project is a one-man-show for now and it won’t change with COVID keeping us at home all the time.

I guess you can imagine that there’s not much motivation, hitting the computer for another hours after a long work session which can be as long as 10 hours. Due to my new position at work time has become even more valuable.

For the future and for the departing of COVID (for heaven’s sake!) this blog will revived as soon as my personal capacity allows it and maybe I’ll have access to a new volutary editor again who also keeps contributing to this blog.

The main things I still keep doing even if this blog is quite silent for now is the maintenance in the background. Security is crucial so that’s why this blog will still receive critical updates to the backend as necessary to offer you a secure website that won’t pester you with adware or, even worse, viruses.

As soon as my transition in my job is all done, I’ll try to focus back on this blog again and provide you with more daily posts.

If you have any questions about this blog, the things behind, feel free to contact me using the given ways to do so.

Stay tuned!

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