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See the wreck of the Titanic!

All you’ve got to do is to fork out about 65’000 simoleons. Quite expensive
but the 12 days travel includes a first-class catering, a three-hours dive to the
wreck with a show-around and after the dive you get back to a hotel to enjoy
the rest of the vacation with a real luxury lunch and all it takes around.

Now the question might be: Why all the stuff around it?

It is 100 years since the Titanic has sunken in the atlantic Ocean when it hit a giant ice mountain that slashed the ship open and finally sunk the ship that was considered unsinkable.

The luxury is the exclusivity of this travel. Yet it can be a bit rough. While diving, the temperature falls below 12 degrees inside the dive vessel and condensating water will build. So why not enjoy the sauna afterwards…

Here’s a short video showing what the wreck looks like:

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