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The iPad 3 – Coming to us in February 24th?

So… Apple again. Rumors say that the new iPad 3 will be presented on February 24th, as
it is the birthday of Steve Jobs who passed away this year on October 5th. What’s most
interesting, is that there are also plans for a small form-factor iPad with a 7inch screen.
It’s probably only a rumor but hey, other companies have all sizes in their portfolio!

So this would be the only logical step.

It’s doubtable that a 10inch-version with a retina display might come out this february. There’s simply no embedded graphics solution available to handle fluid 3D objects and desktop usability on a display with a probable resolution of 2880×1600 pixels.

But hey, rumors are rumors and that’s what makes it so interesting what will come up later on when Apple brings out it’s next keynote!

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