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Rendez-vous Bundesplatz Bern 2012

As already posted last year, Starlight Events has again taken the idea to make
the Bundeshaus Bern a giant screen. This year’s show deals with the topic
technics, science, lifestyle of Switzerland. An impressive lightshow is ahead of
you. This show is 22 minutes long. Simply said: Fascinating and enchanting!

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The day after…

The storm is over but the real disaster is just now visible. The following pics
show what Sandy has left. And if you think, a giant city like New York is safe
against mother nature, well… think again! All pictures are copyright of their
respective owners.

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Downtime of my Blog

Hello people, my blog is back again. The downtime has based on the lack of
ability to process a payment for the webspace between two banks. After some
haggling and several phone calls, the two banks were finally able to process
my transaction without any unwanted surprises. Now I have peace for 1 year!

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The weather goes crazy…

While in Switzerland snow dominates the current weather situation, the east
coast of the USA is facing a big tropical hurricane. Sandy, as the monster is
called is approaching and the people in New York expect massive damage.
As a result of the storm, most shops and even the Wall Street stay closed.

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Wintertime in Europe

Someting that can be considered quite rare these days is, when snow comes
down in October. Much rarer when the amount of snow hits 15cm within one
night. Exactly this has happened this night. Now one could say: “Nothing
special, happens often at my place” – But is yours only 550m above sea level?

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What a week… time for weekend!

Sometimes, 24/7 standby service can really drain your power. Hopefully, the
worst time is over and probably the weekend does not impact so much on me!
in the meantime my blog’s still offline, as there is still some problem to process
a lousy transaction… *Annoyed Grunt*

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Windows 8 – That’s what comes to you

Windows 8 is just around the corner. And there are already discussions about
why to change and why not. Let’s have a quick peek on the new OS that will hit
stores tomorrow: Internet Explorer 10, DirectX 12, Tiles, Gestures, support
for touchscreens and tablets, the lack of the Aero surface…

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Apple’s iPhone 5 – Troublemaker?

The iPhone 5 is just out for a month and now the first problems are already
reported. Scratched aluminum-backsides, scratched and caved sideframes
and purple-balanced picture quality under certain circumstances are the
most mentionned problems so far. Grim outlooks for a 900$ product.

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AMD goes 8-core!

AMD, always known for fast processors for small budget has again
launched a new set of processors for enthusiasts. The FX-8350
(Codename Vishera) is equipped with 8 cores which clock in at 4 GHz.
Using Turbo-Core feature, it scratches 4.2GHz easily.

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Fun with silos

You probably know Mr.Bean’s tag from the movie “Bean” when he was on
hold at the airport for simulating a gun in his pocket. In the auditing room he
simulated that he was going down steps and vanishing from the viewport.
A similar tag has been done now by a farm silo which refused to tip.

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Let me teach you a lesson: Doors are hard!

This famous citation of Al Bundy throwing out one of Kelly Bundy’s dates
got real for a hasteful man trying to hurry when paying his gasoline bill.
What he didn’t pay attention to: The automatic door seems to have an own
mind and stayed close. Painful for the hurrying man…

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USA, spying and Huawei

When it comes to Home Security, the USA is willing to take every step to
reduce any possible threat. As read here. Huawei was rejected when it came
to a public tender for network equipment dealing with the overseas
connections. Huawei offered the lowest prices, but the USA still refused.

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TGIF! And the show must go on!

Yeah! it’s friday again and I am looking forward to a weekend full of Gaming
(mostly WoW, that is)! The new addon is very interesting to play and for some
character classes a real challenge. But hey. It wouldn’t have been interesting
if the addon gets played thru soon again.

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Don’t mess with Google – You’ll loose!

Mess with the best, die like the rest. In today’s case, this is what Google could
have said to the french government that has planned a fee for linking to
media sites containing multimedia and press content. France has just dis-
cussed such a fee as Germany already has set up plans for the government.

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Steam network with security hole

When it comes to gaming, many people know Steam, a platform where you
can purchase and download games from. The advantage: You don’t have to
storeĀ  hundreds of discs somewhere in some shaft once you have installed a
game. The disadvantages: You need an online connection and there are risks.

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UPC cablecom unlocks DigitalTV basic

The times change, as it does in the internet (speeds, availability) and also TV.
While many cable service providers have a crypted basic cableTV service or
at least only viewable if you own hardware from the certain provider, here
in switzerland, the UPC cablecom is going to change things now.

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