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Special Alarm clocks

Alarm clocks come in a variety of flavors. Some are the old classical bellers,
others have a very annoying beep, again others need to be tossed around to
snooze down and again some use light to wake you up. All these clocks have
one thing in common. They are subject to fail on certain persons.

Time to use bigger an noisier equipment to even wake-up the already-dead! ;)

Today I want to show you two alarm clocks that will for sure wake you up even when you’re in a deep cold-out (be it thru alcohol or massive lack of sleep!)

The first comrade is of the noisy section. How noisy? Well, watch the video and you’ll know!

Pretty impressive, huh? But what about the deaf one? He won’t be too impressed of this clock and neighbors tend to stand with a spiked club at your door to tell you their opinion of the clock in a rather painful way…

Well, time to present you Alarm clock number two:

A rather shaky clock but you’ll be awake it that thing’s gonna rock you!

So have a deep-sleep guy around? Why not give one of these fellas a try?

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