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Windows 8 – That’s what comes to you

Windows 8 is just around the corner. And there are already discussions about
why to change and why not. Let’s have a quick peek on the new OS that will hit
stores tomorrow: Internet Explorer 10, DirectX 12, Tiles, Gestures, support
for touchscreens and tablets, the lack of the Aero surface…

There are lots of good things to come but also bad things.

Good things:

  • IE10: The new browser will support a wider variety of standards and be faster and more secure. But currently only for Windows 8
  • DirectX 12: The new graphics API will allow much more realistic graphics. Too bad only that there isn’t any hardware around yet to support all the new features…
  • Gestures: The new OS will act upon gestures and behave like a tablet OS if desired  (and of course if you have a tablet PC)
  • Touchscreen support: Point&Click the modern way. No Mouse to move around…
  • Tiles: One view and you’re all informed!
  • Low price for updates: 30USD/50USD for the updates
  • Low price for the full OEM: 70/100USD for the Instal-from-scratch-versions

Bad Things:

  • Tiles: They replace the common desktop. For tablet PCs this is acceptable. But on a common PC where the User expects icons to use instead of “Tiles”?
  • Aero surface. be honest: Microsoft removed Aero for performance and memory usage reasons. Okay, sure Aero is a ressource hog but it can be deactivated. So why disable it for all users then?
  • Missing Desktop/Start menu (or not defaultable for PCs): Why is this feature also completely removed? There are users who want to upgrade to Windows 8 but the missing desktop or start menu is not an option for many users.

And for you to know: Nope I am not updating to Windows 8 as Windows 7 is still working fine and I don’t see any necessity to upgrade!

For all those who can’t wait: Tomorrow it’s release time!

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