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Apple’s iPhone 5 – Troublemaker?

The iPhone 5 is just out for a month and now the first problems are already
reported. Scratched aluminum-backsides, scratched and caved sideframes
and purple-balanced picture quality under certain circumstances are the
most mentionned problems so far. Grim outlooks for a 900$ product.

Compared to the iPhone 4 the new iPhone seems to have massive problems against scratch resistance. While the iPhone 4 only got problems upon falling, the iPhone 5 is subject to scratches even when just being unpacked. From Foxconn there’s a statement that the iPhone 5 is the most-difficult-to-assemble-phone ever.

Due to it’s small unibody design and the massive weight reduction, the stability of some elements seem to have suffered.

Okay, let’s be honest: a smartphone ain’t an object to throw around as it is delicate and subject to break upon rough treatment.

But other things are still more problematic. One of them. The lousy map material of the new Maps App – Sure, Apple did not want to be dependent on Google and thus wanted to bring out its own App. But testing could have been good in this case as the maps are horribly distorted when switching to satellite view. Although the turn-based navigation seems to work well in cities, the overland travels can end up in frustrationAre cities in highres satellite view pictures done so are all other pics in a rather low resolution and thus just a big dark blob on the map. Way to go!

Google has just announced that 400.000 kilometres of StreetView data has been updated. Now that’s how you do it. And honestly. As good as iOS6 is… here are still things that must be improved as fast as possible. Or Apple is going to loose reputation! Sooner or later.

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