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AMD goes 8-core!

AMD, always known for fast processors for small budget has again
launched a new set of processors for enthusiasts. The FX-8350
(Codename Vishera) is equipped with 8 cores which clock in at 4 GHz.
Using Turbo-Core feature, it scratches 4.2GHz easily.

However are 8 cores with 4GHz enough to beat the competitor, the 4 times more expensive I7 3960X?

First tests brought up that the processor is forking out some real power compared to an i7-3770, however the 3980X is still unbeatable.

Overclocking tries end up at 4.6GHz which is fair but unnecessary as there are hardly any applications which do benefit from a rather unstable system.

So is the FX-8350 nothing special then? Of course it is. It offers 8 cores with good power and band for the buck. Cosidering the benefit of a 3960X in relation to the price, the FX-8350 is the better choice. And for all you happy gamers using AMD: The FX-8350 will fit snuggly on a AM3+ board. All you have to do is a BIOS update and you’re good to go 8-core.

The price tag is set to a moderate 195USD MSRP which is a really fair price for what you get.

Where the 1090T with it’s 6 cores has 140W TDP in normal state and could spike up to 200W TDP when overclocked, the FX-8350 comes with a 125W TDP which is great improvement albeit it has 2 cores more to power.

The release of this new beast drops the price for the former models.

However the question is: When will applications start to utilize multiple cores efficiently?

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