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USA, spying and Huawei

When it comes to Home Security, the USA is willing to take every step to
reduce any possible threat. As read here. Huawei was rejected when it came
to a public tender for network equipment dealing with the overseas
connections. Huawei offered the lowest prices, but the USA still refused.

The simple reason: As Huawei is settled in Asia, to be more precise, in China, the USA feared that China’s secret service could try to do (economic) spy activities based upon critical network components.

Now a report has shown: Huawei has no backdoors or any other mechanisms in their products.

Even in Europe, Huawei and ZTE are subject to criticism about security concerns. In Europe, the markets fear that Huawei could destroy the markets with dumping prices.

The citron is already squeezed out but we will squeeze it some more. And if it needs some pathetic excuses to do so…


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