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Shit’n’Call – the new trend?

The smartphone is today as essential as the daily newspaper or the E-Mail.
Communication seems essential to most of us. The upcoming generation
doesn’t even hesitate to use the gadget on the toilet. A recent study now
has revealed what happens on the toilets nowadays.

Interesting to see that there are many people using their gadget during their “session”. A new trend?

If you go through this table, you’d reconsider using somebody else’s phone.

Do I use my cellphone on the John? – Nope! I wish to have at least SOME privacy around and feces on the phone aren’t my taste either. Besides that: Who is anyways interested hearing me piss or poo. And I am not THAT communicative that I have to tell everybody on facebook or Twitter when I am hittin’ the John.

But see for yourself and smile (or think if you’re one of the “Smartphone-on-the-John-users”

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