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“Thank you for travelling with DB”

When you go by train with Deutsche Bahn, the sentence above is one of these
you´ll hear at each station the train is about to stop. Annoying when the train
is late (again!). In my case just that happened. I am sorry that my blog entry
didn´t show up yesterday as intended. But it´s the cellphone net, you know…

Okay… let´s just see my travelling plan here…

Departure in Berne, 12:04… CHECK!

Friday, October 5th, 2012 12:04 – Berne, Switzerland

The train from SBB leaves as intended. In time and as scheduled… fine. Punctiality made in Switzerland. I like that.

As the train gently shakes and rushing with 200km/h towards Basel, passing several tunnels, the beautiful scenery passes by. Dozing away a bit and resting…

Friday, October 5th, 2012 12:56 – Basel, Switzerland

The train arrives and the connecting train to Karksruhe, Germany is ready to leave. So I switch trains and as expected, the car wasn´t filled much. I got myself a seat in a compartment and resting. Waiting for the train to depart. Already 10 minutes late… at the start of the journey. How is THAT possible? Maybe the driver didn´t arrive in time or didn´t find the button to start the freakin´train? Nobody knows why the train begins it´s route with delay.

Friday, October 5th, 2012 14:56 – Karlsruhe, Germany

Okay. We have arrived in Karlsruhe and my connecting train goes at 17:06…
A good friend of mine is in near and she took the idea to come to Karlsruhe also for a short meeting. Sure, why not. Intending to arrive at 15:09, she also got victim of  the “Verspätungsgarantie der Deutschen Bahn” (delay warranty of Deutsche Bahn). So she finally arrived at 15:35.
So we took a seat outsde the train station, as the weather is warm and invitingly sunny. Was a real nice meeting and we planned to meet up more often in the future. (I must admint, I haven´t been travelling much in the past, except for work! So seeing other cities ain´t a bad idea anyway! Thanks fly out to Sarah who made me the offer – Although you say, Pforzheim is small, okay, maybe so, but it has the same size as Bern, so you´d think of what to show me when I´m around :) )

Friday, October 5th, 2012 17:06 – Karlsruhe, Germany

Okay, back to the train station in Karlsruhe, Sarah decided to take the regional train to Pforzheim (already delayed (surprise surprise!) 10 minutes. And guess what… yeah, my train is also delayed (anyone surprised here?! *annoyed grunt*). Okay, let´s have a quick peek on the schedule. My train was supposed to arrive at 19:06, the train to munich goes at 19:17… 11 minutes for switching train, when they´re in time, that is! Okay… one minute for switching trains, not much time, considering that I have to pass several people jamming the platform and walking down to the end of the platform to switch tracks… wooohooo! But then, the relieving announcement buzzes through the speakers that my train to Munich (much more surprise here!) is also delayed.

Friday, October 5th, 2012 19:26 – Stuttgart, Germany

10 minutes in delay, I got my train to Munich and I again had to deal with the mood of the german cell network. On off on off no network on off no 3G, just GSM, Edge, UMTS, my iPhone switches several times trying to get a glimpse of network to keep me in touch with the world. The efforts are okay but the battery pack thanks me with a warning that it´s running low. Okay.. let´s put the little fella to sleep… errr… Flight mode!

(to be continued!)

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